The last year and a half has surely turned the way in which people think and surely the way they perceive their lives. It’s not just applicable in the general routines in life but also in the way companies and brands have also changed and the customer perception too in total. But like everything has 2 sides of the coin, this pandemic has also given the time and space to the consumers as well as companies to explore new ideas and bring out new innovations. This pandemic taught so much to so many, people started taking their health and wellness seriously and some even started exercising for the first time, others started learning new skills and using the time as an opportunity to find new momentum.

This change in outlook has presented the real estate sector with new approaches and as per the present customer sentiments; companies are looking into ‘wellness homes’ and how these are emerging as the perfect options for ‘new-age or modern’ buyers. Health and hygiene combined together is a much needed thing these days and if these things are combined in your homes, it creates a smart and sustainable environment.


The wellness quotient of today’s homes has taken a different path altogether and has grown overtime. People have started distancing themselves with discernible amenities or materialistic things and have started looking at life and living from a different perspective. Their preferences are more health-oriented now and people want their spaces to have a cozy, relaxed environment. The immunity of the individual very much depends on various factors including what place they live in, the kind of habitat they have, the amount of comfort quotient it has and so on. It depends less on how many materialistic things it’s equipped with because the definition of luxury has changed in a way.


To build a beautiful and nurturing environment, it’s not just bricks and mortar that’s required but a whole amount of other things too. Some are mentioned below:-

  • Purified water and pure air facilities
  • Proper ventilation and ample amount of sunlight
  • Balconies and workstations
  • Vertical gardens and/or aromatherapy places
  • Dust, insect and pest repellant

The main aim of these new age wellness homes isn’t just to beautify or make a place technologically attractive but it should also be able to provide a overall better personal space. The space should be able to provide a proper work-life balance kind of environment and it should also be safe and secure. In this fast paced, ever changing world, such changes will be able to bring out a better place of living. This re-design is very much needed to build a happier and healthier home.


Such homes will be considered as the way forward especially after the recent events of the pandemic and since homes are the first place you think of whenever there’s a problem or you are facing any disease. The only solution is to strategically invest and mindfully look for places that suit you in the best way possible. Since there’s been a heavy decline in the use of public spaces, the need and value of private spaces has increased rapidly. Homes are the fixed deposits wherein you only have to invest one’s and start reaping the fruits for a lifetime, then why not invest in the best option available.
Since a lot of buyers today don’t mind spending a bit much for their lifestyles, wellness homes serve as the best purpose for buyers and sellers too. These homes promote social interactions and lots of other wellness related lifestyles activities which are inculcated in these homes. Such homes cost more too but with packages so high, people are willing to go the extra mile, especially when it comes to their place of living.



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