Banglore’s Properties are Everyone’s Favs, including NRIs

Which is that Indian city that everyone wants to live in? India has so many major cities now, filled with all sorts of amenities and everyone’s favorite too. Be it Mumbai or Delhi, Bangalore or Kolkata, Lucknow or Chandigarh, all such cities consist of properties that are equipped with state-of-the-art luxurious amenities and everyone wants a bit of it. Bangalore is (obviously) among this list of cities, and maybe topping the list too, but is it just the countrymen’s favorite place to reside in? I think certainly “NOT”.

According to a recent survey conducted by “CII ANAROCK consumer sentiment” a huge load of the NRI population is willing to buy a property in India. Out of these, 53% are willing to buy it for residential purposes and 47% will be doing it for the purpose of investment. After a complete analysis of this survey, IT hotspot Bangalore turned out to be the hot favorite and gained 1st spot with the maximum percentage of 22%. This was followed by Pune being second in the list with 18% followed by Chennai being 3rd with 17% of the survey.

Pandemic played a very important role in increasing the percentage of people who are willing to invest in properties across India. According to reports, the pre-covid investment to residing ratio was 68:32 while this has gone up to 53:47 post-pandemic. One reason behind this change in trend could be that the perception of the people post covid has changed a bit and they want life in and around their families now. Work from home has only added fuel to this fire and that is how the trends have changed a little. Most people prefer big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune while others also prefer small cities too. A lot of people have also shown interest in bigger homes with huge spaces, workstations, specific education, and workplace.

Sarjapur Road: The Best Locality

Interested in buying a property? Not being able to decide as to what might be the best place to make an investment in? Confused between villas and apartments? Well, for all your queries and more, your one-stop destination is ‘Sarjapur Road’.

This certainly might be your best bet as far as location is concerned. This has been a key attraction locality especially for people who want to buy homes for their families. The area is superbly attractive, consisting of lots of IT companies, amazing schools, and educational centers, great health and wellness care facilities, entertainment parks, and complexes.

Since the growth in the concept of work-from-home, people are now more inclined towards having a perfect balance of personal and professional, therefore increasing the opportunities in the real estate sector. With the increase in this trend, Sarjapur road is one of the hotspots, even for NRIs, and has certainly helped in the growth of the real estate sector. With so many opportunities, Bangalore is also one of the trendiest places to live in.



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