CASAGRAND Exploring to Increase Their Area, Acquires 10000 acres of Land

People these days are more comfortable with the big brands (as per their financial limits) and want to go with such brands only when it comes to investing in a huge property or making a big decision. It’s the trust that comes with these big names which make it easier to go with them and if we go all branded for clothes, shoes, and watches, properties, and real estate surely requires all the information we could gather before investing in it. CASAGRAND is one such brand that people happily trust for all their property needs. This south Indian brand is all focused on developing state-of-the-art, luxurious apartments and villas with all the amenities one would desire.

A company becomes a brand when people trust it with their issues when they keep developing and evolving over time, fulfill people’s demands, and come up with innovative ideas time and again. CASAGRAND fulfills all these requirements therefore is one of the most trusted places to go whenever you are in need of a home for yourself. The company keeps evolving and coming up with new ideas and plans therefore people are always intrigued with what they have to offer.

In a recent interaction, Arun MN, founder and MD revealed that the company is going to explore its options in the South of the country. Cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad are expected to be the potential markets of the country, and making investments in the same region is definitely going to help the company. The company is set to make an investment of Rs 1500 crore and is also planning to acquire around 10,000 acres of land.

Forthcoming Events of the Company

The company is planning to raise its target to Rs 3750 crores from its previous profit of Rs 2300 crore and is also planning to establish its presence in USA and Dubai. They are planning to invest almost Rs 5000 crores in the upcoming projects in India. They have laid out a plan stating that they are going to invest around Rs 3000 crores in Chennai, Rs 1250 crores in Bangalore, and around Rs 750 crores in the other market. The companies aim is to grow its presence and strengthen its roots in the markets of Bangalore and Hyderabad because these are expected to contribute around 35% to the company’s shares.

The brand is known for developing luxurious apartments and state-of-the-art properties that range around Rs 85 lakhs. The company intends to grow its business by making more affordable houses in the range of Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 35 lakhs. They are also planning to expand their business and add around 25 million sq ft more by the year 2024. CASAGRAND PropCare is also growing by Rs 250 to Rs 300 crore from a mere Rs 100 crore. With various trends and changing times, people are always interested in buying homes and this is one brand you should invest in.



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