CASAGRAND Eyeing People’s Hotspot Bangalore

The real estate market, like anything else, is a difficult place to invest in, and if you have personal choices to make, you’ll be the most confused ever. If you go to buy a watch and get swayed away with various brands and find it difficult to figure out which one should you go for, the same is the case for properties. There are so many brands, so many locations, so many options in the real estate business that if you are not certain which one to choose among these, it might be a problem. And this requires a lot of investment, certainly more than a watch, so after investing this huge sum of money, you want what’s best for you.

CASAGRAND is one brand everyone wants to associate with, it is one brand people can relate with and it’s very focused on building aspirations and instilling values. They have been in this business for over 30 years now and have developed some projects in an area of 30 million sq ft across various cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore. In a recent interview, VP of Marketing, CASAGRAND, Mr. Vimesh P mentioned that “People interested in buying properties have always trusted us with their projects and have helped us in closing the year on a high note and given us the confidence to move to another city so we are eyeing Hyderabad next”.

Story of Lockdown Success

Before the year 2020 started, the company had decided to achieve a target of Rs 2350 crore in the year 2020-2021. The pandemic obviously hampered all such plans people had and started a turmoil no one knew was coming but CASAGRAND managed to stick to its roots. Surprisingly, when the other companies were struggling from lockdowns, labor losses, lack hardware, CASAGRAND still turned this into an amazing opportunity and managed to achieve their target.

During the phase of pandemic, CASAGRAND didn’t disappoint and inaugurated projects in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, and Coimbatore, achieving various milestones and helping people live their dreams. Their project like CASAGRAND FirstCity helped the city see a side of Roman architecture and is one of the most majestic projects of CASAGRAND having clubhouses with around more than 100 amenities. There are so many other themed projects that the people have showered amazing love upon and the overall response has been overwhelming.

The pandemic showed a wide variety of shifts in the demands of people and they have started investing in projects which provide more space and have better amenities engraved in them. With the promotion of the concept of work-from-home, people started investing a lot more in their homes, looking for villas and apartments which have the best service, are a lot more secure, provide extra spaces, etc. Their priorities changed and CASAGRAND took this as an opportunity and helped such people in living in their dream homes.

People also have started investing in spaces close to their workplaces saving their time and money invested in the commute. This way city like Bangalore is getting a lot more buyers than any other city. Seeing this trend, CASAGRAND is also trying markets of Bangalore, Coimbatore, and Chennai to gain through this and is currently eyeing to make investments here.



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