With the developments that have happened for over a year and a half, a lot has changed, a lot of new things have been found and some changes have been made in the old ways. The real estate sector has also seen a mix of all, a lot of highs and steady lows too. But the duration of the pandemic has been good, in an overall sense, at least for the real estate sector. The rise in the ‘work-from-home culture and growth in the IT sector certainly benefitted the real estate sector too. Since people had the liberty to have the same personal and professional space, they started investing in the real estate sector and bought bungalows, apartments, and villas.

One of the major real estate developers and landowners, especially from South India made a huge announcement that around 75% of its inventory has been sold in a single quarter. Another of its projects, known as “Century Greens” was completely sold out in just 2 quarters. The real estate sector of Bangalore has seen tremendous growth irrespective of the lockdown situation. The experts of the industry are also hopeful to reach $1 trillion by the year 2030.

Some reasons for this continuous growth in the industry are things like an increase in monetization, better land deals and opportunities, better cash flow, and a high range of availabilities. Century real estate has been at the top of its game for quite some time now. They recently launched a ‘Century season’ project, which is a project based on 4 seasons and has been designed aesthetically on the theme. The amount of trust, transparency people have in this brand are amongst some of the reasons why this is considered a great name to associate with.


It’s not just square footage the company is providing the buyer with, home interior solutions are also given to the customer. Since sites are decreasing and people are finding it hard to find good areas so investment in the land business has increased multi-folds. Century real estate has invested so much in the Bangalore real estate business and has created so many landmarks projects over the years. The projects have always made their mark and stood out from the other projects especially since they are widely spread and are based on a theme.

Century Sports Village located at Devanahalli is a huge project which is 55 acres huge and has a specifically designed and dedicated 7-acre sports complex. Some new projects which the company is going to launch in different formats like Q3 and Q4. If you are interested in buying various well-established projects, embellished with the state-of-the-art interior, your one-stop destination is Century.



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