Worrying to find a job near home? Beginning to get too comfortable with the idea of work from home and wish to find an office in your locality? Living in an ideal society would mean finding everything of your necessity at a nearby distance so that it doesn’t take you an hour to reach work or try different routes increasing your traveling time while going to find a place for studying.

Being able to live 5 minutes away from your office, when children can reach their school in 10 minutes, when you can go shopping within 10 minutes and in dire medical emergencies can reach out to the hospital in just 5 minutes that is the kind of society you would want to live in. Such societies not only provide you with all sorts of luxury and comfort but also help in making sure the services reach out to a wider set of audiences. Sarjapur locality offers all such amazing benefits providing you with all sorts of necessary and not-so necessary things just at your doorstep.

Being able to live in the same society where your office is like a dream come true, would not only save the time and effort required to reach your office regularly. It would also help you in giving your time to lots of other stuff, be it family, friends, different activities you want to pursue, spend time learning something, exercise, overall just increase your participation in day-to-day activities. Sarjapur road is one such township in Bangalore with a fairly increasing population and with it becoming the new talk of the town for the people who are willing to live in Bangalore.

Society is well developed with so many options for everything, be it schools, colleges, hospitals, shopping complexes, offices, and the list goes on and on. Some companies who have their offices built in and around Sarjapur road are mentioned below:-

  • Microsoft

Who doesn’t know about this software giant – known for making the lives of people better. This is a computer hardware and software company which is known for delivering world-class products and caters to using the knowledge and passion of their workers to gain success. They are known for hiring people who have a burning desire to make an impact on their careers, family, and society through their work. This being situated in Sarapur gives you an added advantage of having the best of both worlds – personal and professional if you live in the area.

  • Accenture

This company has been growing ever since it started and is known for employing more than 10,000 employees all over the world. This builds self-optimizing systems and market-shaping AI techniques. Since this technology-driven society is not going to change anytime soon, the company and its all innovative ideas are set to grow. Being able to work in such a firm is a privilege and how great would it be if your home is just around the corner from your office.

  • Dell Technologies

This is a unique company that provides ample opportunities to unique businesses so that they can build their organization’s digital future and transform the IT department. The company provides IT services to customers of all sizes and helps them in achieving their goals more smoothly.

  • Cisco Systems

The company is not only known for their technological developments and the services they provide but also for the people (employees) and their experiences. They are widespread for their services in all sorts of sectors from retail to education, healthcare to entertainment, from smart to everyday devices, and have been able to develop their reach in both public and private sectors. The company aims at being inclusive of all sorts of cultures and striving to move forward by taking inputs from everyone.

  • VMware

VMware is a computer hardware and software company that has the belief that software can unlock all sorts of new opportunities for the people and ultimately the planet as well. The company has been experimenting with so many different technologies like cloud, Networking and security, mobile application development and modernization, and so on providing digital workspace solutions through their apps and services.

  • ITC Infotech

This IT sector company has various solutions for clients to help them succeed in a business-friendly environment and be future-ready. The company aims to bring together digital expertise with industry-specific knowledge to build solutions to all sorts of complicated problems.

  • Intel Corporation

This is an American multinational company headquartered in California. It is the single largest manufacturer of semiconductor chips by revenue. The company works with cloud computing, data analytics, IoT and aims to provide all computer-related solutions to its clients. It is one of the dream companies of most computer science developers.

  • Flipkart

This Indian e-commerce brand aims to transform the technology and commerce-related solutions of India by promoting technological innovations, customer-related queries, covering a diverse landscape of knowledge and world-class supply chain innovations. With over 10000+ employees, the company is one of the most famous e-commerce companies in the country.

  • Nokia

Being one of the first and the oldest to make innovations in the communication department, Nokia helps in creating technology that enables the world to be a better place. The company aims to provide leadership and innovations in technology – mobile, fixed, and cloud.

So if you are looking for the perfect kind of location where you are at the front and center of everything and everything revolves around you, be it schools, colleges, entertainment centers, hospitals, offices, and workplaces, Sarjapur road is the kind of locality you are looking for.



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