It’s not just about the square footage you live in but also the locality it’s surrounded by. The society comprises a very important role in our lives that is why everyone wants to live in a well-built society constituting some of the best facilities. It is more than a requirement, actually a necessity for the overall development of the kids, families, and society as a whole.

Imagine living in a very lavish villa with no friends nearby or an apartment with no schools or entertainment hubs nearby, life would be dull right. When you go on to find a place to live, you look at the entire infrastructure of the society, whether it has shopping complexes nearby to what all options you’ll have for schools and colleges, whether there’s a hospital nearby too if the society has a weekend hangout place and entertainment center. All these are some of the most basic questions that come to your mind when you are looking for buying a place. That’s why it’s mostly said that people first look at the area and then finalize the house.

Having good educational institutions for kids so that they grow in the right place from a very tender age is very much needed, especially in such a fast-growing and competitive society that is constantly changing. Instilling good values in them from the very beginning is very important. Sarjapur is a small locality in Bangalore and is rapidly growing with all sorts of facilities required to stay ahead in the game. Being surrounded by IT sector hubs like Whitefield and Koramangala, Sarjapur has seen a tremendous influx of well-to-do people working in such firms. Therefore, the locality has a huge number of options when it comes to schools and the education system.

Some of the best schools and colleges in and around Sarjapur are mentioned below:-

  • Gear Innovative International School

Wanting to study in one of the best schools in the city, Gear Innovative International School is just the fit for you. The school is placed right at the top, amongst the top 10 schools in the city. They first started in the year 1995 and have over 20 years of experience which they use to keep striving towards a better goal. The institution’s goal is to meet the educational needs of today so that the children can have a better tomorrow.

  • Greenwood High School

This is the best school in the city and not just that of that state as well. The school has been ranked as the number 1 school of Bangalore and the number 1 school of Karnataka. Along with that, the school also has been ranked 3rd amongst all the schools in the country in the survey conducted by for the category Top 20 ICSE schools in India. Highly trained faculties and a well-drawn-out curriculum are some of the highlights of the school.

  • Inventure Academy

Having a belief that all kids are special, this school has been nurturing kids and thriving with their success, day-in, and day-out. The school is known for offering creativity to both teachers and students so that they can grow in the correct direction. This also offers students ample opportunities for their overall development.

  • The Amaatra Academy

This is a part of the PES educational group which offers holistic education and mentoring to their students. This is a CBSE board-affiliated co-educational institution that was first started in the year 1988. It is one of the best schools in the city and offers ample opportunities for students to grow on the global platform.

  • Harvest International

As the name suggests, the school certainly takes the meaning of education in its literal sense and breaks all boundaries for the teachings and developments of their students. Since it’s not just about knowledge these days, students should learn about global culture, technology and have excellent communication skills too, Harvest International makes sure that its students are harvested with all this and more. 

It’s not just schools for kids that the locality provides but there are some amazing options for higher education too. Some colleges that are worth mentioning are mentioned below:-

  • Krupa Nidhi College

This is a group of institutions that was started for the holistic development of students. They aim to provide education, research, and entrepreneurial development of the candidates. The group of institutions first were started in 1985 and has grown tremendously ever since. One of its branches is in Sarjapur locality too. They offer various diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses. They provide world-class infrastructure and high-quality placements.

  • KKECS College of Nursing

This is one of the best nursing colleges in the city which was started in 1993. The college is affiliated with the Rajeev Gandhi University of Health. This offers a nursing course for 4 years and intakes 60 students for the process. If you are living in the area and interested in something medical-related to pursue as your career, your dreams have come true as this is one of the most trusted organizations in the city.

If you are looking for a society with not just well-built and luxury homes but also providing other facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping complexes, etc. Sarjapur road has it all sorted out for you.



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