The overall development of the city depends on various factors like the kind of population density it has, how many projects have been developed there, how the air, water, and environment of the area is, and whatnot. It is not just about development, building parks and theaters, health and wellness care centers, entertainment hubs, and sports complexes, these are also important and play an important part in the cities development. Parks don’t only add to the fun value but also helps in building the economy of the city.


There’s good news for all the Bengalurueans out there, yes you heard it right. There’s going to be a huge park that’s being built, even bigger than Lalbagh and Cubbon Park. The park is expected to be built in and around the area of Jaraka Bande (JB) Kaval in an area of almost 650 acres of land near Yelahanka. The land belongs to the Forest Department, Horticulture minister ‘N Munirathna’ met with Forest Minister ‘Umesh Katti’ and cleared all the required permissions. The horticulture department along with minister Munirathna surveyed the area and has planted about 32,000 eucalyptus trees in the area. Later on, the department gave it a little more thought and decided to remove the eucalyptus trees as they guzzle water which would be an unnecessary thing.


Both the departments are working in coordination to build the project and this will ultimately help in reducing the pollution present in the city. The green cover of the city needed a boost and this will surely help with that. This will add to the tree park which was being made in the area in the year 2015, adding to its scenic and natural beauty. It’s a one of its kind ‘reserve forest’ because it gives entry to common people as well. Botanists and environmentalists are already intrigued with various species of trees being planted in the region. Apart from that, herbs also add to its beauty and make it even more interesting, entertaining and promote eco-tourism in the most logical sense.

However some also feel that the city is very much affected in terms of pollution because of the ever-rising population, investments in infrastructure and a couple of such projects won’t do any good. They want more investment to be made in the particular area. But there are others, especially the people of the area(living in and around Yelahanka) who welcomed this with arms wide open, stating that it is one step forward towards a greener and better place. More such efforts will only help in bringing change.



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