Why invest in property today?

Real estate is the only industry that has always tendered great returns on its investment. So, if planning to invest in the property today, it is a clever decision. The real estate industry, these days, is developing quite fast, especially from the customer’s viewpoint.

The returns on the property are on an upswing. Hence, the government is also stepping forward to guarantee that the industry is regulated well. These changes are profitable for customers since they interpret into constant returns for them in the years ahead.

Attractive reasons for investing in property now:

  • RERA – With the formation of RERA, the aspect of real estate is changing towards betterment. This authority controls and maintains standardized real estate transactions in the country. RERA also certifies that project builders are more answerable to buyers. RERA also ensures that as a customer you have more buying power in the market. It also ensures transparency in the system.
  • The upswing in the implementation of the Subvention Scheme – Nowadays, builders are providing properties on subvention schemes much more than in earlier times. This is another profitable news for purchasers who can now invest in properties without bothering about scams and losses.
  • What is the Subvention scheme? Well, a subvention scheme is when three parties i.e. the customer, builder/developer, and bank, three come together in a single agreement. A buyer, by this scheme, is on a beneficial side as he will have to pay only 5% to 30% of the price of the project upfront. The bank on the other hand takes care of the rest of the amount by paying the builder directly in the form of a loan.
  • The best part of subvention schemes is that the developer/builder pays the interest on the amount to the bank till the construction is completed or the buyer takes possession of the property. Consequently, builders take attention to completing the project on time, else they have to pay large amounts of interest.
  • Accompanied by several changes in policies and subvention schemes, the real estate market is on a great increase owing to the development of new projects and facilities such as metro connectivity, airports, healthcare facilities, etc. As a consequence, the buyer can be assured of the best returns on investment if he is buying in a prime area like Sarjapur Road.



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